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Guide to Table Tennis Nets & Posts


Net And Posts Types And Features

Table tennis net and post set showing proper size according to the rules of table tennis

Types of C-Clamp Net and Posts

Wide Body Table Bracket

Medium Body Table Bracket

Thin Body Table bracket


A wider table bracket will offer more stability of the net and post system itself and also can add stability to the table by holding the two halves together more securely. A narrower bracket has less stability and may not help table stability.

Clamps Types
Table tennis net and post c-type clamp Table tennis net and post I bolt type clamp type Table tennis net and posts, table frame type
C-Clamps I-Bolt Frame Brackets
Most net post brackets use a "C" shaped clamp to attach to the table surface. (Universal use) Some nets for roll-away tables attach the post brackets to the table using a thin bolt through the narrow gap between table halves. (Universal use on roll away tables) Some folding, roll-away tables use dedicated brackets which attach to the table frame rather than the table top. These usually allow the net to remain in place during movement or storage of the table. Net sets with "standard" C-clamp type attachment to the table may not work with these tables due to table framing or carriage parts that interfere.
Table Fit Considerations
Table tennis table types Clamp Opening - This is the maximum combined table and frame thickness that the net post clamp will accommodate. On many tables the net bracket will clamp directly to the top, requiring only a 1" or less clamp opening. On other tables the framing may extend into the net post attachment area, requiring a net post with up to a 3" or 4" clamp opening Adjustability of Net - The ability to easily and precisely adjust net tightness and height are features of the best tournament nets while recreational nets may not have net adjustability.

"Universal" Net and post Sets- Most nets are designed to clamp directly onto a table top of any brand. Some sets, which have extra wide clamp openings will also fit tables with thick framing in the center area. "Universal net/posts may not fit some tables designed for use with a dedicated net/post set.
"Universal" net sets must usually be removed before moving or storing the table. They are often sold separately from the table, allowing you to customize your choice of table & net qualities and features.

"Special" or "dedicated" Net and Post Sets- These net and post sets are designed to fit specific roll-away style tables by attaching to the table frame or other special fittings. They can often be left on the table even in storage or roll-away position, but usually have less adjustability than tournament nets.
Tournament Approved Table Tennis Net Sets- Approved net & post sets include adjustable net height, and all must include a cord through the top of the net with adjustable tension, and 6 inch extension beyond the side of the table. This is a 72inch table tennis net.
Home/Recreational Table Tennis Net Sets- These usually lack some of the features and adjustability of tournament nets and use thinner, lighter bracket materials not suited to repeated removal and installation on table.

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