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Ping Pong Table Selection Considerations

Indoor Ping Pong Tables

Ping Pong Table Top:
A ping pong table top needs to be 3/4" or more to have resistance to warpage. However there are always cheaper versions of ping pong table tops. Practically all ping pong tables are made out of some kind of wood particle board that is basically wood particles (dust) combined with a glue (resin and pressed together). Ping pong table tops vary greatly in quality because the density, type and amount of resin and finishing which all effect quality can vary widely. Having a thick top is no guarantee of quality.

Sometimes ping pong table manufacturers change their materials and ways of finishing their table tops which can affect the quality greatly. Robbins Table Tennis strives to stay current of the way that the manufacturer is making a product.

Ping Pong Table Chassis Durability:
The chassis of a ping pong table is basically everything below the top. The larger size legs are thought by consumers (as is weight) to be the sign of durability in a ping pong table. However, thick legs are often made of a steel that has a very thin wall thickness and of a great of steel that is lower and more easily bent. The number and placement of the bracing points will largely determine the strength of a ping pong tables structure.

Ping Pong Table Stability and Function

Overall Ping Pong Durability and Folding Capability

The ping pong tables commonly available in stores are made to be sold at low price points that are proven to sell. There is a big difference in ping pong table durability and usability in the most common home recreational price levels. There can be a huge difference in the function and the strength of a home recreational price level ping pong table. Buying a table that is below a certain level will leave you with a table that will not be strong and fold up and down well or work well in the playback position.
You do not have to buy an expensive ping pong table to get one that will be durable and work well. We will help you find a table that is the best for your needs at the best price.


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