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Table Tennis Paddle Selection Guide


Table Tennis Paddle Types


We sell both Recreational and High Performance style table tennis paddles. A recreational ping pong paddle is made of a wood and rubber combination that is significantly lower in speed and spin-producing capability than the powerful High Performance custom table tennis paddle category of products.  

High Performance Custom Table Tennis Paddles


This category of table tennis paddles is made of specialized, high performance table tennis rubber and table tennis blades (wood). This style of table tennis paddle will produce much more speed and spin than recreational ping pong paddles. High performance custom table tennis paddles can be bought by selecting particular specialized wood (or wood/graphite) along with high performance table tennis rubber. You may also select a high performance paddle based on your playing style by visiting our appropriate playing style selection. Users of this type of table tennis paddle hold a decided advantage against opponents playing with recreational ping pong paddles.

Recreational Table Tennis Paddles


A recreational level table tennis paddle is bought with the rubber sheets and wood (blade) already preassembled. This type of table tennis paddle is of a good to moderate performance level, but will not be close in performance to a high performance custom competition table tennis paddle. This group of table tennis paddles is of a quality that you will find in sporting goods stores, only less expensive. The performance level is significantly below that of our high performance table tennis paddles.

Recreational Table Tennis Paddles

High Performance Table Tennis Paddles

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