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Guide to Table Tennis Balls

Star Graded Balls

Top quality ball brands are provided in different quality levels determined by seam quality, roundness and consistency from one to the next.

The three star ball is the highest quality level ball. 

The two star ball is next in quality. 

The one star is the lowest in quality in star graded balls

Larger Size Balls

Larger size balls were developed as an experiment in order to allow longer rallies and to make play somewhat easier for senior and novice players.

Superior Construction
Low quality balls have irregular seams.
Competition balls are evenly constructed to allow a true flight and bounce.

True Flight
Inferior balls have an erratic flight that
makes it difficult to predict where they will land. Competition balls have true flight that makes it easier to play well.

True Bounce
Inferior balls don't bounce the same way
each time which prevents you from playing
your best. Competition balls give you a good consistent bounce allowing you to
develop your consistency.

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