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  A $10.95 shipping and handling charge applies to this offer. (Free Offer shipped separately from table. One set per table allowed.)

This package offer includes the following:
KILL SHOT Series Table Tennis Paddles - $95.80 VALUE
Paddle & Ball Storage Rack - $15.95 VALUE
Six 2 Star Balls - $4.95 VALUE

Speed/Spin Rating: 6.0 (Compared to Other Recreational Paddles Only)
Rubber Type: Sponge-Inverted (Refer to illustration under paddle)
Rubber Name: Kill Shot / Handle Style: Flare / Playing Style: Allround

Why Most Paddles Do Not Work Well
Other paddles (especially those that come packaged with table tennis tables) will not produce any real topspin. This lack of topspin causes the ball to sail off the end of the table.

Panda Kill Shot Paddles (free with tables) at $16.00 Reg. Perform Well
 Panda Kill Shot will produce the topspin you need to make your offensive shots break down onto the table after crossing
the net

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