Ping Pong Table / Table Tennis Table Tops

IMPORTANT: There is several different types of outdoor tops. Some share the same general category of top but will differ greatly in bounce, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance. For the most product detail and best recommendations call

The 7/8" Aluminum composite top on the Robbins Solara is warp proof, weather proof, and has a USATT (United States Table Tennis Association) certified bounce. It can be left outdoors year round anywhere. The top consist of a wood core that is completely encapsulated in aluminum. The wood core is edge banded with aluminum then the top is welded over the aluminum frame. The bottom (which is also welded onto the frame) has an egg crate design. The purpose of the egg crate design is to allow the aluminum to properly expand and contract with the wood core on temperature changes. The wood core provides the best bounce for outdoor use and is completely protected from moisture / weather. There is not even any screws that go through the aluminum into the wood, therefore the wood core cannot absorb moisture.

The top is also treated with a special NON-GLARE coat to prevent the surface reflecting light