Ping Pong Table / Table Tennis Table Tops

IMPORTANT: There is more behind the construction of a ping pong table / table tennis table than just top thickness . Other factors such as resin density, top / bottom finish, type / quality of apron, & protective coatings play a role in top playability & durability . There is poorly constructed, cheap versions of different top thickness's which will bounce poorly and can actually be more prone to warpage than a well constructed 3/4" top . For the best recommendation & product descriptions call

The Robbins Rugged Roller's 3/4" tournament grade wood top is constructed of commercial level materials for durability in the home and is USATT (United States Table Tennis Association) approved for performance. The table top is constructed of a high resin material, finished for warp resistance, and has silk screened lines.

WARP RESISTANT SMOOTH FINISH (possibly alter already existent flash demo) : several coats of paint are applied to both the top and bottom of the table. This is in order to resist warpage by preventing one side from being effected more by moisture than the other side. The Anti Glare finish is then applied to the top for scratch resistance, mark prevention, & further resistance to warpage

SILK SCREENED WHITE LINES: The white lines are silk screened, not painted, to offer an even playing surface where the lines won't run into the tables top color.