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Quick Reference Rules of Table Tennis by Dan Robbins


 21-Point Game Matches
We suggest that you could either play traditional 21-point games as was the rule for many years, or the new 11-point games which the International Table Tennis Federation has adopted as its new rule as of September 2001.

Recreational players may want to play 21-point games, because it will be easier to keep track of the number of games won by each player, because there are less games per match then with the 11-point games, and keeping track of who should serve is usually easier.


Who serves? Each player gets 5 consecutive serves.

When a game is tied at 20 points each, the serve changes from 5 consecutive serves per player, to alternating after each serve between players or teams. If the score becomes tied at 20 points each, the first player or team to take a lead of two points wins the game.

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