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from Newgy

newgy robo caddy


Price $69.95

Robo-Caddy gives added versatility to Robo-Pong robots.  Easily control the robot's height from the floor, distance from the table, and angle to the table.  Allows for an almost infinite number of possibilities to vary ball trajectory.  Provides remarkable simulation of away-from-table shots like loops, lobs, and chops.  Also enables duplication of spin, angle, and placement of many serves, including the typical high toss serve.  Connector Extension Cable is highly recommended to extend reach of the connector cable when using a robot on Robo-Caddy. Robo-Caddy also makes an excellent ball holder for serve practice or muti-ball training. Will fit all Newgy robot models including, Robo-Pong 2040, 2000, 1000 and model 1929.

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