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Newgy 540 Specifications

A Great Economical Way To
Become a Better Table Tennis Player
The ROBO-PONG 540 will dispense up to 86 balls.
It's remote control unit controls SPEED, FREQUENCY and POWER.

Your first step to seeing how robot practice can revolutionize your game. This model is ideal for recreational players and the budget-minded. Lower speed and frequency ranges and static delivery accommodate untrained strokes.  Set on top of the table and twist the base to change trajectory. Improved bucket design ensures reliable ball feed. 


ROBO-PONG 540 includes:

* Ball Bucket
* Remote Control
* Head Angle Adjustment
* Spin Selection
* Spin/Speed Range of 1-9
* Frequency Range of 1-7
* Ball Capacity of 86 40mm Balls
* 48 Each Robo-Balls 40mm


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