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Ball Capacity:

36 - 100 balls

Minimum Ball Frequency: 17 balls per minute
Maximum Ball Frequency: 90 balls per minute
Minimum Ball Speed: 10 mph
Maximum Ball Speed: 75 mph
Types of Shots: Push, chop, serve, drive, smash, lob
Types of Spins: Topspin, backspin, Left-sidespin, right-sidespin, combination spin
Oscillator: Built in oscillation unit selectively sweeps in eight different ranges from corner to corner, enabling backhand and forehand returns
Power Source: Approved 12V transformers available for most 120 or 240 volt outlets
Weight: 7 lbs
Set-up: Can be placed on tripod, table or chair behind table
Delivery Control: Convenient Control Box enables quick adjustments for speed, frequency and oscillation without stopping play:
Optional Accessories: -PONG–MASTER, Electronic Interactive   Sensor Game
-PONG-PAL Ball Retriever
Warranty: Limited One Year Warranty – Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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