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World Championship DVDs

48th World Table Tennis Championships 3 DVD Set
Price $155.00 Shipping Included

DVD A 183 minutes
Round 2
He Zhi Wen (ESP) vs Werner Schager (AUT)
Bastian Steger (GER) vs J-M Saive (BEL)
Jun Mizutani (JPN) vs Chuan Chiu-Yuan (TPE)
Danny Heister (NED) vs Ryu Seung Min (KOR)
Round 3
Jun Mizutani (JPN) vs Peter Karisson (SWE)
Jorg Rosskof (GER) vs Chen Qi (CHN)
Liu Guozheng (CHN) vs Slobodan Grujic (SCG)
Trinko Keen (NED) vs Li Ching (HKG)  & more



DVD B 183 minutes

Round 3 continued Round 4 (Final 16)
Peter Karlsson (SWE) vs He Zhi Wen (ESP)
Ma Lin (CHN) vs Lacjan Blaszczyk (POL)
Kong Linghui (CHN) vs Chen Oi (CHN)
Oh Sang Eun (Kor) vs Vladimir Samsonov (BLR)
DVD C 204 minutes

FINAL 16 continued
Kalinikos Kreanga (GRE) vs Hao Shuai (CHN)
Micheal Maaxe (DEN) va Wang Hao (CHN)
Timo Boll (GER) vs Liu Guozheng (CHN)

T. Boll/C.Suss (GER) vs Ma Lin/Chen Qi (CHN)
Boll/Suss (GER) vs Kong Linghui/Wang Hao (CHN)
DVD D 204 minutes  
Liu Guozheng (CHN) vs Ma Lin (CHN)
Peter Karlsson (SWE) vs Oh Sang Eun (KOR)
Micheal Maze (DEN) Vs Hao Shuai (CHN)
Wang Liqin (CHN) vs Oh sang Eun (KOR)
Micheal Maze (DEN) vs Ma Lin (CHN)
Ma Lin (CHN) vs Wang Liqin (CHN)

2004 World Team Table Tennis Championships 3 DVD SET
Price $90.00 Shipping Included


DVD A 150 munites
Group A
Wang Liqin vs. Chen Weixing
Ma Lin vs. Werner Schlager
Kong Linghui vs. Robert Gardos (highlights)
Wang liqin vs. Werner Schlager
Wang Liqin vs. Ryu Seung Min
Wang Hao vs. Joo Se Hyuk
Ma Lin vs. Oh Sang Eun
Group B
Jörg Rosskopf vs. Jorgen Presson          Timo Boll vs Jens Lundqvist
GER vs. SWE continues on DVD B
  DVD B 150 minutes  
  Group B
GERMANY vs. SWEDEN continued from DVD A
Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth vs Peter Karlsson

Timo Boll vs. Jorgen Presson
Group A #1 vs. Group B #1
(winner goes to final, loser to semi-final #2)

Ma Lin vs. Timo Boll
Wang Hao vs. Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth
Wang Liqin vs. Jörg Rosskopf
Group A #2 vs. GRoup B #2
(winner goes to semi-final #2)

Ryu Seung Min vs. Jens Lundqvist
Kim Taek Soo Vs. Jorgen Persson
Joo Se Hyuk vs. Peter karlsson
  DVD C 150 minutes  
Timo Boll vs. Joo Se Hyuk
Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth vs. Ryu Seung Min
Jörg Rosskopf vs. Oh Sang Eun
Timo Boll vs. Ryu Seung Min

Wang Hao vs. Timo Boll
Ma Lin vs. Christian Suss
Wang Liqin vs. Zoltan Fejer-Konerth

1999 World Table Tennis Championships Video Tapes

Five Tape Set $136.00 or $35.00 Per Tape  

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Package of 1999 World Table Tennis Championships video tape. Tape A: Men's Singles Round Of 32 and Start of Final 16-120 minutes  $35.00
Netherlands's HEISTER and SAMSONOV  show spinning at its best! France's ELIO upsets Wang Liqin, and in the featured round of 32 match KIM Taek Soo fights off a strong challenge from new German star Timo BOLL. In the final 16, PRIMORAC and KARLSSON demonstrate the best of the European looping style; Austria's SCHLAGER shows top form against ELIO; KIM and J. Saive provide five games of of toe-to toe power table tennis. 
Tape B: More Final 16-120 minutes  $35.00
GATIEN does not survive LIU Guoliang's relentless kills but PERSSON overcomes Sen YAN'S off-the bounce attack. Another French standout, LEGOUT, gives WALDNER all he can handle in five exciting games.
Tape C: Balance of final 16 and Quarter finals - 120 minutes  $35.00
MA Lin unleashes an incredible level of play to upset SAMSONOV; in the 1/4 finals, PERSSON falls victim to LIU'S buzzsaw attack; KIM cannot match MA Lin at his best; SCHLAGER, revealing perhaps the strongest backhand in the world, surprises PRIMORAC with his inspired play.
 Tape D: More Quarter Finals and final and Women's Singles Final, Start of Men's Semis - 120 Minutes - $35.00
WALDNER and KONG engage in a five game thriller that more than compares to the best matches of the past decade; in the Men's Doubles SEMIS, PRIMORAC and SAMSONOV battle to the end against KONG and LIU while KIM and PARK Sang Joon fall against WANG and YAN. In the Women's singles final, Wang Nan shows why she is World's #1 in her match against  ZHANG Yining. In the first of the Men's Semi Finals, the relentless firepower of LIU is more than SCHLAGER can handle in their four game match.
Tape E: Balance of Men's Semi-Finals and Final - 120 Minutes - $35.00
WALDNER looks unbeatable in winning the first two games against MA but MA takes the sport of table tennis to a new level and fights to give the audience a match to remember! In the Final, there is no question that both LIU and MA want the World Championship Gold! These amazing athletes show incredible speed, miraculous shot making and devastating power. This deuce-in-the fifth game match is one for the ages, generating a standing ovation from the awestruck audience.                                      

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