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TSP  21 Sponge

Designed For Optimum Ball Play By Expert Ball- Makers
Available with Xs F-1, Triple, Spin Pips,Spectol

It is usual for a table tennis ball to flatten to a small degree where it is being struck by a racket. The 40mm ball because of its size and increased flexibility has a greater tendency to flatten than the 38mm ball.
When you use a racket covered with a rubber that has a sponge sheet that is too hard, it causes  excessive flattening which makes consistent play much more difficult.
Consistency is made more difficult with a too hard sponge, as a result of you having not only the compression of the sponge to adjust to, but the exaggerated flex of the ball surface as well.

The TSP company was from the beginning very well aware of the 40mm flattening problem as they are expert ball makers who started in business over 50 years ago with the invention of a seamless ball making technology. TSP has not only developed the optimum 40mm ball, but with the 21 Series sponge has developed the optimum sponge for 40mm ball play.
The 21 Series sponges possess the optimum hardness and flexibility to not only resist the excessive ball flattening problem, but to give you the maximum speed and spin. The 21 Series sponge provides you with the optimum hardness for offensive speed with enough flexibility to allow the 40mm balls to maintain maximum roundness while producing the maximum spins possible.

Information about 21 sponge and why it is suitable for 40mm ball play 
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