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The Official Rules of Table Tennis


19.2 Misbehavior.

19.2.1 Players and coaches shall refrain from conduct that may unfairly affect an opponent, offend spectators or bring the game into disrepute. Examples are: abusive language, deliberately breaking the ball or hitting it out of the playing area, kicking the table or surrounds or disrespect to match officials.

19.2.2 If at any time a player or coach commits a serious offence the umpire shall suspend play and report immediately to the referee. For less serious offences the umpire may, on the first occasion, hold up a yellow card and warn the offender that any further offence is liable to incur penalties.

19.2.3 If a player who has been warned commits a second offence in the same individual or team match, the umpire shall award one point to the player's opponent and after a further offence he shall award two points to his opponent, each time holding up a yellow and a red card together.

19.2.4 If a player against whom 3 penalty points have been awarded in the same individual or team match continues to misbehave the umpire shall suspend play and report immediately to the referee.

19.2.5 A warning or penalty incurred by either player of a doubles pair shall apply to the pair, but not to the non-offending player in a subsequent individual match of the same team match. At the start of a doubles match the pair shall be regarded as having incurred the higher of any warnings or penalties incurred by either player in the same team match.

19.2.6 If a coach who has been warned commits a further offence in the same individual or team match the umpire shall hold up a red card and send him away from the playing area until the end of the team match, or in an individual event, the end of the individual match.

19.2.7 The referee shall have power to disqualify a player from a match, an event, or a competition for seriously unfair or offensive behavior whether reported by the umpire or not. As he does so he shall hold up a red card.

19.2.8 A player who is disqualified from 2 individual matches of a team or individual event shall automatically be disqualified from that team event or individual competition.

19.2.9 The referee may disqualify for the remainder of a competition anyone who has twice been sent away from the playing area during that competition.

19.2.10 Cases of serious misbehavior shall be reported by the referee to the USATT disciplinary committee 

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