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The Official Rules of Table Tennis


6. The Expedite System

16.1 The expedite system shall come into operation if a game is unfinished after fifteen minutes' play unless both players or pairs have scored at least 19 points or at any earlier time at the request of both players or pairs.

16.1.1 If the ball is in play when the game is interrupted, play shall restart with service by the player who served in the rally that was interrupted.

16.1.2 If the ball was not in play when the game was interrupted, play shall restart with service by the player who received service in the immediately preceding rally.

16.2 Thereafter, each player shall serve 1 point in turn. If the receiving player or pair makes thirteen successive good returns, the receiver shall score a point.

16.3 If the expedite system is introduced, of if a game lasts longer than 15 minutes, all subsequent games of that individual match shall be played under the expedite system.


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