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The Official Rules of Table Tennis


20. Clothing (Dress Code)

20.1 Playing clothing shall normally consist of a short-sleeved shirt and shorts or skirt, socks, and playing shoes; other garments, such as part or all of a track suit, shall not be worn during play except with the permission of the referee.

20.2 Clothing may be of any color or colors except that:

20.2.1 The main color of a shirt, skirts, or shorts, other than sleeves or collar of a shirt and trimming along side seams or near the edges, shall be clearly different from that of the ball in use.

20.3 A playing garment may carry:

20.3.1 The maker's normal trademark, symbol, or name contained within a total area of 24 sq. cm.

20.3.2 Not more than 3 clearly-separated advertisements contained within a combined total area of 200 sq. cm. on the front or side of a shirt and one advertisement, contained within a total area of 200 sq. cm. on the back of a shirt.

20.3.3 Not more than two advertisements contained within a combined total area of 80 sq. cm. on shorts or a skirt.

20.4 Any markings or trimming on the front or side of a playing garment and any objects such as jewelry worn by a player shall not be so conspicuous or brightly reflecting as to unsight an opponent.

20.5 Players must wear socks and soft-soled shoes.

20.6 Clothing shall not carry designs or lettering which might cause offense or bring the game into disrepute. Absolutely no playing without a shirt, no cutoffs, no jeans, and no tank shirts. Women may wear sleeveless blouses.

20.7 Opposing players and pairs shall wear clothing that is sufficiently different to enable them to be easily distinguished by spectators. If the players or pairs cannot agree on who will change if necessary, the umpire will decide by toss.

20.8 Any question of the legality or acceptability of playing clothing shall be decided by the referee.

20.9 Warm-up suits should not be worn during play unless with special permission of the referee. It is his discretion of conformity to the above requirements.

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