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The Official Rules of Table Tennis



13.1 Any player shall be entitled to claim an interval of not more than 2 minutes between any successive games.

13.2 Brief intervals for toweling may be taken, but only after every 5 points from the start of each game or at the change of ends in the last possible game of a match..

13.3 A player or pair may claim one time-out period of up to 1 minute during a match.

13.3.1 In an individual event the request may be made by the player or pair or by the designated advisor. In a team event it may be made by the player or pair or by the team captain.

13.3.2 The request for a time-out, which shall be made only when the ball is out of play, shall be made by making a "T" sign with the hands.

13.3.3 On receiving a valid request for a time-out the umpire shall suspend play. Play will be resumed when the player or pair who called it is ready to continue or at the end of one minute, whichever is sooner.

13.4 The referee may allow a suspension of play of the shortest practical duration, and in no circumstances more than 10 minutes, if a player is temporarily incapacitated by an accident, provided that in the opinion of the referee the suspension is not likely to be unduly disadvantageous to the opposing player or pair.

13.5 A suspension shall not be allowed for a disability which was present or was reasonably to be expected at the beginning of the match, or where it is due to the normal stress of play. Disability such as cramp or exhaustion, caused by the player's current state of fitness or by the manner in which play has proceeded, does not justify such an emergency suspension, which may be allowed only for incapacity resulting from an accident, such as injury caused by a fall.

13.6 If anyone in the playing area is bleeding, play shall be suspended immediately and shall not resume until that person has received medical treatment and all traces of blood have been removed from the playing area.

13.7 Players shall remain in or near the playing area throughout a match except with the permission of the referee. During intervals between games they shall remain within 3 meters of the playing area under the supervision of the umpire.


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