Why buy from us?

We have the best price on the best table tennis tables. We have a wide variety of the best tables and we really know and will recommend a table for your usage that will last years at a great price.

We are located in the U.S. and we are not at all new at the table tennis table business. Many companies on the internet are new and not even located in the US. We have been in the table tennis business since 1977. We have operated a table tennis mail order catalog business since then. Before the internet we used to sell to national sporting goods chains such as Hermans, Oshmans, Garts, MC, Sportmart and many others (over 2,000 stores total).
Robbins Table Tennis processes the warranties. If you have a problem with a product you have bought from us, you would contact us. We process warranties by contacting the manufacturers. It is still the manufacturer's warranty, but we do the processing for you.

Many companies that sell table tennis tables are new at it. Sometimes they do not have any real presence in the U.S. Often shipment is made only through independent warehouses.

Robbins Table Tennis was founded by Dan Robbins winner of several U.S. table tennis titles and a former consultant to international table tennis companies.  

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