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Information about 21 sponge and why it is suitable for 40mm ball play 
Information about Spectol Pips Out, TSP'S  classic pips out rubber with 21, the 40mm ball sponge
Information about TSP Triple  a powerful sticky Chinese rubber with 21, the 40mm ball sponge
Information about TSP Spin Pips MD with 21, the 40mm ball sponge
Information about TSP X's F-1, a powerful Japanese rubber with  21 sponge for 40mm ball play

Product News

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New TSP Pips-Out Products Update

P-1 Curl - This is to be illegal as of July 1999,and will be replaced by P-1R available through RTTS around August 15, 1999.

P-3a Curl - This is to be illegal as of July 1999,and will be replaced by P-3aR available around august 15,1999.

Spin Pips - The Spin Pips line of rubbers will become illegal after the Sidney Olympics in 2000. The legal replacement rubbers are being tested and should be available around October 1999.

P-2 Curl  -This rubber will not become illegal. TSP p-1,p-2, p-3, p-3a, p-3ar, p-1r long pips table tennis rubber size comparison

 The reason many pips out (of many different trademarks) have become illegal is that the International Table Tennis Federation has made rules to attempt to make the look of the sport more interesting by altering  rubber regulations to make illegal pips-out rubbers that they feel tend to shorten the length of rallies.

The rule specifies a greater  ratio of pip width to length which will make the rubber more controllable for the user and produce  less deceptive shots. The idea is that both players will gain control, resulting in longer, more spectator friendly rallies.

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