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 Panda Pro Style
A super heavy duty wide body net and post system
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 1   Net is sewn in two places onto sleeve that slips over steel net mounting rod.

 2   Sewn in sleeve is made of strong material.

  Steel cylinder moves up or down to adjust net height. Adjustment is made by turning net height adjustment wheel.

  Top string pulls over slot on top of steel cylinder, which adjusts up or down for height adjustment.

  Link in chain net string slips over steel tab to create top string tension. If net loses tension another link in chain can be used to restore desired tension. This is the most common method of maintaining tension for top quality nets and posts.

  Bottom of steel net rod slips into hole in steel base creating strong mounting for body of net.

  Net height adjustment wheel adjusts net cartridge up or down to adjust net height.

  Steel body provides maximum strength and long term durability.

  Heavy duty substantial knob allows for great tightening power.

  Felt fabric pads allow for tight grip without scratching the table surface.

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