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How To Play Table Tennis

Animated Shot Demonstrations
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The Slow Loop

     With your left shoulder facing the table, knees bent, and racket held to knee level or below, hold the racket almost vertical with your wrist slightly cocked towards the floor.
      After the ball is dropping from the peak of its bounce, move the racket in an almost straight upward path and straighten your right knee as you begin to meet the ball. Close your elbow angle and pivot your waist and shoulders to move towards a flush position with the table. As you pivot, your weight should be transferred to your left foot.
     Just as the racket contacts the ball, the wrist is flung upward adding further to the already dramatic upward motion. The spin produced by this shot will tend to cause an opponent to put the ball back high, giving you an excellent smash opportunity, or even cause him to miss clear off the table.              

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