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This Great History of U.S. Table Tennis can be ordered direct from Tim Boggan.
We suggest that you contact Tim Boggan directly,
his contact information is  below.

History of  U.S.  Table Tennis
Volume VIII Now Available!

Phone (516) 868-0434
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“Anyone who doesn’t buy these books
should leave our sport. Okay,  you can stay,
but you don’t know what you are missing!"
-Larry Hodges, USATT Hall of Famer

Volumes I through VIII Available

Vol. I     (1928-39, 375 pages, 215 photos)
Vol. II    (1940-52, 395 pages, 320 photos)
Vol. III   (1953-62, 450 pages, 400 photos)
Vol. IV  (1963-70, 460 pages, 700 photos)
Vol. V   (1971-72, 282 pages, 400 photos)
              (Covers the Ping-Pong Diplomacy Years)
Vol. VI   (1970-73, 500 pages, 800 photos)
Vol. VII  (1975-77, 530 pages, 820 photos)
Vol. VIII (1975-77, 512 pages, 836 photos)

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