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International Tournament Quality Table Tennis Table

#S-T82201 Stiga Expert Roller
MSRP $1299 Includes Shipping to Most U.S. Locations In Stock

Stiga Expert Roller T82201, Ping Pong table, Table Tennis Table
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Top Thickness:

1 inch

Top Color:


Playback Position:


Apron Thickness:


Apron Material:




Undercarriage Material: 


Undercarriage Color:


Includes Net 
& Post:

Yes-Stiga Clipper VM

Leg Thickness:

2.50 x 1.50" Steel



Protection Pads:


Caster Type:

Ball Bearing 

Caster Size:


Fold & Roll Design:


Table Tennis Table-Stiga Expert Roller,Ping Pong Table,folded up
Table Tennis Table-Stiga Expert Roller,Ping Pong Table,folded out

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Table Tennis Table-Stiga Expert Roller,Ping Pong Table,box size
Table Folded Size

Table Setup Size

 Shipping Carton Size 
& Weight

Length: 60 Inches
28 Inches
73.5 Inches

Length: 9 feet
5 feet

30 inches

Height: 56.75 Inches
63.50 Inches
8 Inches
Weight: 332 lbs

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